Sunday No. 7


Sunday No. 7 featuring:

  • Black Draw String with metal inlets
  • OG Tag sewed onto the back bottom right
  • 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton
  • Wash with cold water, inside out, hang dry

The morning after. Missed calls. Day off. Kickbacks. Football. Missed texts. Lazy strolls. Hangover brunch. Get together lunch. No pants. Sleep in. Morning shred. Unmade bed. Farmers market. Sweater weather. Smooth jazz. God’s day. Your day. Netflix. Banana pancakes. More Netflix. No rain. All shine. Lazy kisses. Paddle yoga. Normal yoga. Dog walks. Meditate. Road trips. Cheat day. Hump day. You’ll do it Monday.

Welcome to the Sunday Lifestyle.

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